Case Studies

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At the conclusion of each training mission the participants are interviewed by CEI to discover what they have learned and what ideas they will try to implement at home.  Them, after about six months, CEI representatives return to the country to learn and record what has actually been accomplished.

On several missions, these information has been compiled in the form of case studies.  Click on the following to select the mission of interest.  All are from Kharkiv Ukraine except as noted.

  1. Manual: 14 case studies, Information Technology exit interviews (Slavutych)
  2. Manual:10 case studies, Fruit & Vegetable and Meat & Dairy tours
  3. Manual:24 case studies, Livestock & Poultry tour
  4. Manual:16 case studies, Information Technology follow-up (Slavutych)
  5. Manual:16 case studies, Household goods tour
  6. Manual:27 case studies, Construction and IT follow-up (Slavutych)
  7. Manual:16 case studies, Construction and Design tour