Selected Projects

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Marshall Plan type Study Tours

CEI is the leading organization replicating the highly successful technical assistance methods of the Marshall Plan. Industry and government leaders in targeted sectors of the economy are selected to visit and discuss with their U.S. peers the procedures, technology and techniques, of their industry.  This effectively gives them an insight into the future which enables them to jump-start their enterprises based on directly learned expert knowledge and experience.  CEI assists developing countries to strengthen enterprise systems, improve quality, expand options, and enhance civil equity through carefully planned applications of information and technology.

Through training, technical assistance, design, and development of knowledge products and implementation of pilot projects, CEI expands the economic opportunities of industry, agriculture, and government.  After eacstudy tourh , CEI conducts an analysis of industry conditions and assists participants develop and implements projects that bring the lessons of the program to bear on improving the reach and quality of goods and services for under-served populations, with gender equity as a priority throughout.

A few of the key features of this program for Ukraine and Kazakhstan include:

Participants are selected by CEI professionals with industry experience.

In Ukraine, an 18:1 benefit/cost ratio was attained in 2 years; making this program one of the most efficient means to enhance living standards and competitiveness.

Each returned participant disseminated learned information to over 300 in their industry

Participants prepare a technical report of the program to help with program dissemination.

Most missions result in the formation of industry associations

Manage Trade Promotion Programs to the USA

CEI has partnered with the Academy for Educational Development (AED) to organize and conduct exhibitions (trade promotion shows) in the U.S. which foster intensive interaction and promote discussions between manufacturers and sellers. Only through this intensive dialog can firms in developing countries learn what a U.S. buyer or investor expects with regard to product quality, services offered, development goals, promotional materials and techniques, and financial transactions.

This initiative has resulted in establishing a closer cultural and technical relationship between Ukraine and the U.S. and the formation of the Ohio/Kharkiv Sister State Organization.

Trade Capacity Building (TCB) on the Internet in Ukraine

A major strand of CEI's work in technology over the past decade has involved the use of the Internet to promote trade opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises.  CEI has fostered the use of the Internet to promote trade between Ukraine and other nations worldwide by establishing and maintaining the website

Since 1997 over 95,000 people have visited the website, or 200 per week, generating more than 20 inquiries per week, some of which result in sales or investment opportunities for Ukrainian companies.  The result is a strengthening of the enterprises which in turn stimulate job creation at the local level.

As an example of this project, Ukrainian manufacturers have developed new capabilities and products which have lead to contracts in Brazil, the U.S., and elsewhere.

Internships for Moldovan Industry Leaders

Under a World Bank sponsored program, CEI has partnered with the German NGO organization Rationalizierungs-Kuratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft (RKW) to provide intensive, on-the-job training for leading Moldovan business leaders.  As a result, enterprises have been able to expand their markets and build stronger organizations within Moldova.