Ukraine Presentation

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Mariemont High School students hear from a guest speaker on Ukraine

Students in Mr. Books’ A.P. European History classes and Modern World History class as well as some of Mrs. Leatherwoods’ A.P. U.S. History students, Mr. Wolfford’s A.P. Government students and Mr. Vanags’ Sociology students heard a presentation on the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia from Terrace Park resident Lee Cole on March 26th.  Mr. Cole represents CEI which is the Cincinnati Economic Initiative project which gives advice to countries, businesses and individuals trying to transition to a modern capitalistic system.  Mr. Cole has traveled to Ukraine more than 20 times since it gained its independence two decades ago.  Mr. Cole is very active in the Mariemont Kiwanis Club and volunteered his time and expertise on the subject to try to bring a better level of understanding about the situation to current Mariemont High School students.  The students very much appreciated learning of the subject from someone so involved and knowledgeable on the matter.   Student comments on the program included these:
“I learned a lot about the current situation in eastern Europe.  I didn’t know how these countries reacted after the break-up of the Soviet Union nor that there were still hard feelings about it…”    (Natalie Turton)
“…It gave me insight as to where the world stands with Russia and how the world is responding to the crisis.”     (Bailey Vianello)
“…Not only was I given a look on what’s going on in Ukraine, but this was all told by a man who has been to Ukraine 20 times and Russia twice.  One of the more surprising things he told us was being watched while in Russia; to the extent of even bugging his room.  Overall it was a great presentation and really opened my eyes on what’s going on in eastern Europe.”   (John Fening)
“…The fact that we were able to hear about this from a first-hand source made it much more special.  He provided details about his relationships and findings that no textbook could match.”     (Aaron Urevick)
“It’s always a great learning experience to hear from a “professional” on a topic of study and Mr. Cole was that experience.  He helped us all understand the issue on Ukraine more in-depth.”     (Meg Caesar)
“…(an) interesting and captivating presentation; (an) excellent learning experience…important information regarding a current event in a well-structured presentation.”     (Wyatt Peterman)
“I thought that Mr. Cole’s presentation was very informative while also being dynamic and interesting.  We learn so much about events of the past that it’s nice sometimes to learn about current events.”     (Maddie Renie)
“Mr. Cole was a treasure trove of first-hand experiences and information.  He had great ideas and insight into the Ukrainian crisis of the present and the path Ukraine is headed down in the future.”     (Connor Jacob)
“…something I learned that really stuck with me was the origin of the word “slave”.”    (Madeline Falknor)
“…I really appreciated him coming in because for most students it is hard to comprehend the crisis just from the glimpses we get of it on the news.”     (Spencer Stutenroth)
“I thought Mr. Cole did a good job connecting modern events with historical events.  It showed me the importance of studying history… I hope we get more speakers like Mr. Cole; people who are passionate about world events.”     (Gabe Koreman)
“It is really interesting to take time out of our schedule to learn about things that are going on in modern times.  It was a wonderful experience worthy of repetition!”     (Noah Dill)
“Mr. Cole’s first-hand knowledge on the crisis in Ukraine furthered and clarified my understanding of an otherwise complex event.  I was thoroughly impressed by his presentation.”    (Sarah Morgan)

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