CEI promotes stability through economic development in developing and transitioning nations by providing technical assistance in industry and agriculture that leads to increased productivity and a higher standard of living. CEI...



"With the help of USAID funding, CEI has implemented a very successful program to improve management, productivity and marketing technology in various industries in Ukraine, particularly in the Kharkiv region."
Rob Portman, U. S. House Representative

"Your record of assisting economic development in Ukraine is impressive."
Rob Portman, U. S. Senator

The Center for Economic Initiatives has been at the forefront of the effort to bring economic development and economic freedom to the countries of Eastern Europe that formerly were part of the Soviet Union.  Using the model initiated by the Marshall Plan at the end of World War II,  they have helped bring technical assistance to  Ukraine to improve the country's productivity and access to technology.  While Ukraine's future hangs in the balance, it is the work of organizations like CEI that will help grow its economy.
Jim Kolbe former U.S. Congressman from Arizona

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